Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I answer the onboarding questions?

We’re all about matching you with people who share your Passions and interests! The onboarding process helps us help you to get better matches!

How should I answer the onboarding questions?

Honestly! Share your preferences and Passions with us and the rest will fall into place.

How can I change my onboarding answers?

Easy! You can change them in your Profile under General > Questions.

Why do I need to upload at least two photos of myself?

Variety is the spice of life! Try choosing one well-lit photo with a smile and another of you doing your favourite Passion.

How do I add an extra photo of myself?

By tapping the circle with the + sign in your profile.

After the onboarding process, you can always change or add more photos if you want to!

How can I change my default photo?

By dragging one of your extra photos in the circles to the big circle above, this photo will automatically be your default profile picture.

Do I have to upload a video to my profile?

Uploading a video is a great way of showing potential friends and matches a bit more about your personality and helps them understand you better. If you don’t want to though, that’s no problem.

What is a ‘crazy Passion’?

In the Passions section of your profile, you can double tap a passion to make it a ‘crazy passion’. You’ll know it’s worked because the Passion you chose will turn black. Crazy Passions are a great way to let potential friends and matches know what you’re really in to!

How do I like/pass someone on VieLoco?

If you like someone, just swipe down towards your heart (aww!).

If you’re not interested, swipe up and away.

Another way to swipe is by holding your finger on the avatar you see on the bottom of the screen, dragging  it down to like someone; or up and away to pass someone.

Can I chat to people even if we aren’t a match?

Yes! You can unlock chats with people you haven’t matched with yet by sending them a virtual or real gift.

Help, I liked someone by mistake! What do I do?

If you’ve matched with someone you didn’t mean to, you can use the block function in the top right corner of your chat with them. If you want to unblock them, simply tap block again.

Help, I accidentally swiped someone away! What do I do?

Turn on the Déjà vu button in Preferences via the dotted three lines on the top right of the discovery screen and the people you have swiped away will reappear in your discovery screen.

Help, Déjà vu is not working! What do I do?

Switch the Déjà vu button off, tap Find My Match button, then go back into preferences to switch it back on and tap Find My Match button. And voila!

How can I search by specifics?

In Preferences, the dotted three lines on the top right of the discovery screen, you are able to search by a specific or multiple (consecutive) passions, location (London based)/distance and age.

Once you are a match, you liked, or are chatting with someone:

In Matches and Chats, tap the magnifying glass in the top right hand corner of the screen – you’ll be able to search by Name, Passion or Location.

I don’t see a passion I like?

Add your passion in your bio from the profile screen and send us feedback to request that passion. If we get enough requests, we may just add it!

How do I add/delete a passion?

Go into your passions button from the Menu bar. Tap on the category where you want to add/delete, then on the next screen tap the passion you want to add/delete.

How do I send a gift, a photo or video stream with someone?

Once you’ve matched with someone, simply enter a chat with them and tap the ‘+’ symbol in the bottom-right corner of your screen, where the three different options are set out.

What can be gifted?

In the Gifts section, you are able to buy virtual and real gifts, to unlock chats, get noticed or just to surprise someone you like.

How do I get charged for buying these gifts?

When buying a virtual gift, your iTunes or Google Play account, depending on the kind of phone you use, will be charged with the price of the gift.

When buying a real gift, we will ask for your credit/debit card details, name and address where the card is registered. The card address will not be the address we send the gift to unless otherwise instructed. In case you want to use the real gift yourself, we’ll ask for the delivery address or the email address in case of a voucher.

How does real gifting work?

Real gifting means you can send friends and potential matches gifts in real life! You can send flowers, champagne, chocolates or even amazing first date experiences such as getaways and Michelin Star dining experiences.

What happens if someone accepts/declines a gift I send them?

If the gift you send, is accepted, a chat will open with that person and you can take things from there. If it’s declined, you can store your gift in the app to use at a later date for someone else or we’ll ask for your address so we can send it to your home instead. Please be aware that the experiences are valid for up to 6 months after purchase, otherwise they expire.

If I accept/decline a gift, will the sender see my personal details?

No, never. If you accept a gift, we’ll ask for your address so we can send it to you – don’t worry though, no one will see that information but us and the third party provider who will take care of the delivery of the gift.

If you accept, a chat will be unlocked with the sender and you can take things from there. If you decline the sender will receive a message that you declined the gift.

If you have further questions or issues with respect to Gifts, who can I turn to?

Just email and we will get in touch with you.


What is ‘Hand in Hand International’?

10% of all in-app purchase proceeds, such as from our virtual gifts, go to the fantastic charity ‘Hand in Hand International’, who work tirelessly to create jobs for some of the world’s poorest residents. Find out more about how you can help by visiting their website.

What can I do when someone is bothering and harassing me or being rude or abusive?

In this case you are able to report this person by tapping the little grey flag, right next to the name of the person on the discovery screen. Your report will be sent to us and we will take the appropriate measures, that can lead to us deleting the person’s profile. The grey flag will turn red.

The person will not know that you reported him/her.

How may I block someone?

In chats you are able to block a person, by tapping the circle on the top right in the chat. The person will not know they have been blocked. You will not receive any messages from this person as long as you have blocked them. You are able to unblock the person by tapping the circle on the top right again.

Can’t see an answer to your question here?

Just email